Hello world!

My is name Aaron Dotson. I am from Seattle, WA but I was born in San Bernardino, CA. I am currently a going to school on a athletic scholarship. I just transferred here from LSU (Louisiana State Univ.).

Going into college I never thought about what my major was going to be and honestly I didn’t care. coming out of high school I was one of those kids that everyone knew was going to go to the NBA after one year of school. So me declaring a major wasn’t relevant. Unfortunately I broke my knee cap and I am just getting back to normal 2 years later. School has been a priority ever since.

As time had went on, my knee injury had humbled me and I began to take school more seriously. At the beginning of the year our academic advisor suggested that I take a New Writing class because I had showed some interest in Journalism. Since I was younger people have always complimented on my writing but I never really paid any attention to it.

After taking Intro to News Writing this semester I have honestly become very interested in becoming a journalist of some sort one day. I enjoy writing  and I hope that I will be able to write something worth being published one day after I am done playing basketball.